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About Me

I am a Tech & Data Science consultant.

Chief Technology Officer Mobin.Its
Mobin Its (2017-*)
Tech & Data Science consultant Amin Investment Bank
Amin Investment Bank (2018-*)
Tech & Data Science consultant NADPCO
Noavaran Amin Financial Data Processing Company (2018-*)
Tech & Data Science consultant biaboom
Biaboom Online Ecotourism System (2019-*)
Executive Manager CGASA
Categories and General Algebraic Structures with Applications (2013-*)
Tech & Data Science consultant Miras Technologies
Miras Technologies (2017,2018)
Tech & Data Science consultant Barkat Pharmed Co
Barkat Pharmed Co (2017,2018)
Assistant Professor SBU
Department of Computer Science, Shahid Beheshti University (2017-2018)
BI & Data consultant Paya Soft
Paya Software Solution (2015-2017)
Postdoctoral Researcher SUT
Large data segmentation and encryption, Sharif University of Technology (2016)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) SUT
Cylindrical construction and its application, Sharif University of Technology
Master SUT
Dynamical systems & Braids, Sharif University of Technology
- Building a career in Data Science, SBU, Department of Computer Sciences, 10 May 2018. - Choosing a Career: Just challenges, SBU, Department of Computer Sciences, 9 May 2018. - Data science workshop, Sharif University of Technology, "Classifing the classifiers: The Career of Data Science", 7 February 2018. - Intelligent bots and crawlers: challenges and opportunities, SBU, 18 April 2017. - Sage for mathematicians (4 hours Workshop) University of Kashan, 1 February 2017. - Workshop on "Latex, XeLaTeX and TiKZ (Beginner and Intermediate)", Sharif University of Technology, 11 December 2016, | Slides. - How cylindrical construction works?, SUT Group of Discrete Mathematics & its Applications, November 2016, Group Link - SBU, Department of Computer Sciences, "On Career and Data Science", 9 October 2016. - SBU Computer Scinece Scientific Association, "Data Mining: Challenges and Opportunities", 16 December 2015. - Weekly MACS Seminars, "Why Functional Programming Matters?", Shahid Beheshti University, 15 December 2015. - Workshop on "Latex, XeLaTeX and TiKZ (Beginner and Intermediate)", IPM, 16 June 2015, Slides and More Info. - Weekly MACS Seminars, "Graph Grammar in Use", Shahid Beheshti University, 1 June 2015. - Workshop on "Latex and XePersian (Beginner and Intermediate)", Shahid Beheshti University, 9 May 2015, Slides and More Info. - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation Tools: An Overview, IPM, Tehran,Iran, November 20, 2014 - An Introduction to Sage and Some Other Graph Theory Software, IASBS Combinatorics and Graph Theory workshop, 2014, Workshop Link - Privacy Issues in Data Mining , Cyber Space Research Center Seminars on Cryptography and Network Security, April, 22, 2014, CRC Link
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